Monday, November 03, 2008


A new fan for Sydney FC

Ok. I have to admit it - I am probably not the most qualified person to be posting a blog on Soccer but I felt motivated on doing so after my first experience of watching a match the other day. It was between Sydney FC and Adelaide City. John is a die-hard fan of the sport and Sydney FC so when at the last minute he realised he had no one to accompany him to the match (he has two season tickets) he actually asked me. I think he thought I would say no but to his surprise I said yes. The things we do for love! Anyway I found myself actually beginning to understand the enormity of the sport once we arrived at the venue. It was a chili day and let me tell you the fans were eager to get to their seats - they set a brisk pace walking in to the stadium.

As we sat down I looked around as my husband explained the goings on with the warming up of the teams etc but I think I am easily distracted because already I was thinking to myself- I wish we had brought a nice comfy Stadium Cushion! As you can see I have been around promotional products for too long! Anyway, the game did indeed prove to be exciting and I admit I was caught in the moment quite a few times and even jumped up and yelled for joy when we scored.

But again my attention waned as I began to think about a nice hot coffee if we had indeed
brought a Travel Mug or Flask with us! Ok. I promise that next time I won't think about promotional products- maybe just once or twice -after all it is our passion when we are not at the game

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